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Articles 2013

1- M.BEN CHIEKH, M.FERCHICHI, M.MICHARD, M.S.GUELLOUZ, J.C.BERA, Synthetic jet actuation for momentumless trailing edge wake, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, N°113, pp: 59-70, 2013

2- F. HIDRI, N. SGHAIER, H. EL OUKABI, M. PRAT, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Porous medium and other factors affecting the first crystallisation time of sodium chloride at the surface of a drying porous medium, Physics of Fluids, n°25, PP. 127101, 2013.

3- H. DHAHRI, A. BOUGHAMOURA, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Entropy generation for pulsating flow in a cylinder filled with porous media including viscous dissipation effects, Journal of Porous Media, vol.16, n° 1, PP. 69-87, 2013.

4- H. EL ABRACH , H. DHAHRI , A. MHIMID, Lattice Boltzmann Method for modelling heat and mass transfers during drying of deformable porous medium , Journal of Porous Media, vol. 16, n° 9, PP. 837-855, 2013.

5- H. BEN MAAD, F. ASKRI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Numerical investigation of heat and mass transfers during the desorption process of an Mg2Ni- H2 reactor, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, n° 38, PP. 4597-4610, 2013.

6- S. SKOURI, S. BOUADILA, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Comparative study of different means of concentrated solar flux of measurement of solar parabolic dish, Energy Conversion and Management, 76, PP. 1043-1052, 2013.

7- A. R. EL OUDERNI, T. MAATALLAH, S. EL ALIMI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Experimental assessment of the solar energy potential in the gulf of Tunis, Tunisia, Renewable and Sustainable  Energy Reviews, 20, PP. 155-168, 2013.

8- T. MAATALLAH, S. EL ALIMI, A. W. DAHMOUNI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Wind power assessment and evaluation of electricity generation in the gulf of Tunis, Tunisia, Sustainable Cities and Society, 6, PP. 1-10, 2013.

9- I. KHABBOUCHI, M. S. GUELLOUZ, S. BEN NASRALLAH, A study of the effect of the jet-like flow on the near wake behind a circular cylinder close to a plane wall , Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 44, PP. 285-300, 2013.

10- R. GHEITH, F. ALOUI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Optimization of stirling engine performance based on an experimental design approach, International Journal of Energy Research, 37, PP. 1519-1528, 2013.

11- S. SKOURI, M. BEN SALEH, S. BOUADILA, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Optical, geometric and thermal study for solar parabolic concentrator efficiency improvement under Tunisia environment: A case study, Energy Conversion and Management, 75, PP. 366-373, 2013.

12- M. BEN YAHIA, S. KNANI, H. DHAOU, M. A. HACHICHA, A. JEMNI, Modelling and interpretations by the statistical physics formalism of hydrogen adsorption isotherm onLaNi4.75Fe0.25, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38, PP. 11536-11542, 2013.

13- A. ADILI, M. LACHEB, C. KERKENI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Simultaneous estimation of the thermophysical properties of liquids and of the boundary conditions, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 68, PP. 53-62, 2013.

14- T. BRAHIM, F. MHIRI, A. JEMNI, Parametric study of flat plate Wick Assisted Heat Pipe Solar Collector, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, vol. 135, PP. 031016_1 - 031016_10, 2013.

15- H. ELOUKABI, N. SGHAIER, S. BEN NASRALLAH, M. PRAT, Experimental Study of the effect of sodium chloride on drying of porous media: The crusty patchy efflorescence transition, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfers, 56, PP. 80-93 , 2013.

16- M. KARDOUS, R. CHAKER, F. ALOUI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, On the dependence of an empty flanged diffuser performance on flange height: Numerical simulations and PIV visualizations, Renewable Energy, 56, PP. 123-128 , 2013.

17- C. DEBBISSI HFAIEDH, A. NASR, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Evaporation of a binary liquid film flowing down the wall of two vertical plates , International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 72, PP. 34-46, 2013.

18- M. NAJJARI, F. KHEMILI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, The effects of the gravity on transient responses and cathode flooding in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38, PP. 3330-3337, 2013.

19- M. BEN CHIEKH, M. MICHARD, M. S. GUELLOUZ, J. C. BERA, POD analysis of momentum less trailing edge wake using synthetic jet actuation, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 46, PP. 89-102, 2013.

20- H. ALIBI, F. FAYALA, N. BHOURI, A. JEMNI, X. ZENG, An optimal artificial neural network system for designing knit stretch fabrics, Journal of the Textile Institute, vol. 104, issue 7, PP. 766-783, July 2013.

21- M. HAMDAOUI, A. BAFFOUN, K. BEN CHAABEN, F. HAMDAOUI, Experimental study and mathematical model to follow the drying phenomenon of knitted textile fabric, Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, vol. 8, n° 3, PP. 70-76, 2013.

22- Z. ROMDHANI, A. BAFFOUN, M. HAMDAOUI, S. ROUDE, Drying morphologies and emport rate effect on wetting and spreading behaviours, Fibers and Polymers, vol. 14, n° 7, PP. 1157-1164, 2013.

23- H. DHAHRI, B. AMAMI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Viscous dissipation effects on entropy generation and heat transfer in cylindrical packed beds subjected to reciprocating flow, International Journal of Exergy (IJEX), vol. 13, n° 2, 2013.

24- N. MRAD, M. PARASCHIV, F. ALOUI , E. G. VARUVEL, M. TAZEROUT, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Liquid hydrocarbon fuels from fish oil industrial residues by catalytic cracking, International Journal of Energy Research, vol. 37, n° 9, PP.1036-1043, July 2013.

25- A. JBARA, Kh. SLIMI, A. NASR, A. MHIMID, Radiative properties effects on unsteady natural convection inside a saturated porous medium: Application for porous heat exchangers, Energy, 61, 224-233, 2013.

26- H.EL ABRACH , H.DHAHRI , A.MHIMID, Numerical simulation of drying of a saturated deformable porous media by  the lattice boltzmann method , Transp Porous Media,pp: 427-452 , 2013