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Articles 2014

1-M. JABLI, M. HAMDAOUI, A. JABLIA, Y. GHANDOUR , B. BEN HASSINE, A comparative study on the Performance of dye removal, from aqueous suspension, using (2-hydroxypropyl)-ß-cyclodextrin-CS, PVP-PVA-CS, PVACS PVP-CS and plain CS microspheres, The Journal of The Textile Institute, vol. 105, n° 6, pp 661-675, 2014.

2- T. HAMDI,  A. GHITH,  F. FAYALA, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method for predicting the correlation between some fabric parameters and the drape, AUTEX Research Journal, vol. 14, n° 1, March 2014.

3- S. EL ALIMI, T. MAATALLAH, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Break-even analysis and  optimization of a stand-alone hybrid system with battery storage for residential load consumption—A case study , Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews  vol. 37, pp. 408–423, 2014.

4- M. AYED, F. ALOUIA, A. KOURTA, S. BEN NASRALLAHA, Development of a Synthetic Jet Actuator for the Control of Separated Flows, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), vol.3, issue 7, July 2014.

5- H. S. HARZALLAH, A. JBARA, K. SLIMI, Double-diffusive natural convection in anisotropic porous medium bounded by finite thickness walls: validity of local thermal equilibrium assumption, Transp Porous Med., vol. 103, pp. 207–231, 2014.

6- R. MESTIRI, M. M. OUESLATI, A. W. DAHMOUNI, R. HADAJI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, AND F. ALOUI ,  Dynamic Behavior of Printed-Circuits Plasma Actuator Based on DC Electrical Discharge: Application in Aerodynamics, IEEE transactions on plasma science, vol. 42, no. 7, July 2014.

7- H. EL ABRACH, H. DHAHRI, A. MHIMID, Effects of Anisotropy and Drying Air Parameters on Drying of Deformable Porous Media Hydro-Dynamically and Thermally Anisotropic, Trans Porous Med., vol. 104, pp. 181–203, 2014.

8- N. SDIRI, H. ELHOUICHET, H. DHAOU, F. MOKHTAR, Effects of the substitution of P2O5 by B2O3 on the structure and dielectric properties in (90_x) P2O5–xB2O3–10Fe2O3 glasses, Spectrochimica  Acta Part A : Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, vol. 117, pp. 309–314, 2014.

9- N. SGHAIER, S. GEOFFROY, M. PRAT, H. ELOUKABI, AND S. BEN NASRALLAH, Evaporation-driven growth of large crystallized salt structures in a porous medium ,  Physical Review E, vol. 90, pp. 042402, 2014.

10- A. SOUAHLIA, H. DHAOU, S. MELLOULI, F. ASKRI, A. JEMNI,  S. BEN NASRALLAH, Experimental study of metal hydride based hydrogen storage tank at constant supply pressure, Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol. 39, pp. 7365-7372, 2014.

11- M. BEN AMARA, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Numerical simulation of droplet dynamics in a proton exchange membrane (PEMFC) fuel cell micro-channel,  International  Journal of Hydrogen Energy, available on line October  2014.

12- H. BOUNAOUARA,  J. C .SAUTET, H. BEN TICHA , A. MHIMID, Feasibility investigation and combustion enhancement of a new burner functioning with pulverized solid olive waste, International  Journal  of Energy  and Environment,  vol. 5, issue 4, pp. 461-470, 2014.

13- R. GHEITH, F. ALOUI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Study of temperature distribution in a Stirling engine regenerator, Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 88, pp. 962–972, 2014.

14- T. BRAHIM, M. H. DHAOU, A. JEMNI, Theoretical  and experimental  investigation of plate screen mesh heat pipe solar collector,  Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 87, pp. 428–438, 2014.

15- M. LACHHEB, M. KARKRI, F. ALBOUCHI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, M. FOIS, P. SOBOLCIAK, Thermal properties measurement and heat storage analysis of paraffin/graphite composite phase change material, Composites: Part B, vol. 66, pp. 518–525, 2014.

16- M. LACHHEB, M. KARKRI, F. ALBOUCHI, F. MZALI, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Thermo physical properties estimation of paraffin/graphite composite phase change material using an inverse method, Energy Conversion and Management, vol.  82, pp. 229–237, 2014.

17- N. BEN KHEDHER, S. BEN NASRALLAH, Three-dimensional simulation of the thermal performance of porous building brick impregnated with phase change material, international journal of heat and technology, vol. 32, pp. 237-243, 2014.

18- B. AMAMI, H. DHAHRI, A. MHIMID, viscous dissipation effects on heat transfer, energy storage, and  entropy generation  for fluid  flow in  a  porous channel  submitted to a uniform  magnetic field , Journal of Porous Media, vol. 17, issue 10, pp. 841-859, 2014.

19- M. HAMDAOUI, N. S. ACHOUR,  S. BEN NASRALLAH, The influence of woven fabric structure on kinetics of water sorption, Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics,  vol. 9, Issue 1 , pp. 101-106, 2014.

20- M. HAMDAOUI, A. LANOUAR, A new kinetic model for cotton reactive dyeing at different temperatures, Indian Journal of Fiber & Textile Research, vol. 39, pp. 310-313, September 2014.

21- F. FAYALA, H. ALIBI, A. JEMNI , X. ZENG;  Study the effect of operating parameters and intrinsic features of yarn and fabric on thermal conductivity of stretch knitted fabrics using artificial intelligence system,  Fibers and polymers, vol. 15, n4, pp. 855-864, 2014.

22- I. KHABBOUCHI, H. FELLOUAH, M. FERCHICHI,  M. S. GUELLOUZ, Effects of free-stream turbulence and Reynolds number on the separated shear layer from a circular cylinder,  Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, vol. 135, pp. 46–56, 2014.

23- M. JABLI, M. HAMDAOUI, R. MARWA, A. HAJ AYED, B. BEN HASSINE, Modified Polyamide 66 Fibers for the Removal of Reactive Dyes from Aqueous Suspension, Fibers and Polymers, vol.15, n° 9, pp. 1810-1821, 2014.

24- Z. ROMDHANI, A. BAFFOUN, M. HAMDAOUI, S. ROUDESLI, Drop Impact on Textile Material: effect of fabric properties, AUTEX Research Journal, vol. 14, n° 3, September 2014.

25- H. GHANMI, M. HAMDAOUI, F. FAYALA, Measuring  Water  Transport Through Textile  Fabrics  by  an  Electrical Capacitive  Technique,  International  Journal  of  Applied  Research on Textile,  vol. 2, Issue 1, pp. 43-50, 2014.

26- H. HEDFI, H. JEDLI, A. JBARA, KH. SLIMI, Modeling of a bioethanol combustion engine under different operating conditions, Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 88, pp. 808-820, 2014.